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Keep Teaching in the Classroom

Guides for using classroom technology to Keep Teaching students in the classroom and online.

Do you or your students need access to STC lab resources? If so, you can connect to them using IUanyWare:

To start using classroom technology:

To see a list of technology available in your classroom, see the Classroom Database.

Documentation about using the Classroom Database:

Keep Teaching Resources

General information and guidelines related to teaching online.

Per IP Policy UA-05:

"IU will not assert ownership rights in any and all forms of Traditional Works of Scholarship created or used as instructional materials, including but not limited to class recordings in Kaltura and Zoom, by IU faculty as a result of the temporary suspension of face-to-face classroom teaching due to COVID-19."

The IU Teaching and Learning Centers are scheduling and hosting webinars regularly. 

View upcoming webinars (Google document)

Keep Teaching Tools

Instruction on how to use specific tools in online classes.

The Keep Teaching team developed two series of Canvas modules to help instructors bring their courses online: 

  • Instructor-focused modules (article)
    • These modules are templates to assist instructors in creating high-quality content in their Canvas courses.
  • Student-focused modules (article)
    • These modules contain ready-made instructions for students that instructors can incorporate into their courses. These instructions are focused on various online learning technologies (Zoom, Canvas, Kaltura, etc.)

PowerPoint videos

PowerPoint articles

Note: PowerPoint for Mac cannot record slide narration. Instead, use Keynote to record narration and export to QuickTime.

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