Keep Teaching this summer

Keep Teaching this summer

Whether you’re an experienced online instructor or new to the online classroom, the following resources can help you prepare your summer 2020 course.  For additional assistance, contact your campus teaching and learning center.

This page is no longer receiving updates. Information hosted here may quickly become out-of-date. Please see the rest of the Keep Teaching site for up-to-date information. Please adjust hyperlinks accordingly.

Canvas online course template

Summer 2020 courses include a customizable template to help you organize your course. Using the template is optional. It includes suggestions for how to use Modules, Syllabus, and other frequently-used Canvas tools.

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Digital course materials

Digital course content's contact-free delivery methods will save students the stress of finding a physical textbook since many will not have access to bookstores and other typical online ordering venues may face a short supply and long delivery times. 

Electronic course materials available through the IU eTexts program and the IU Libraries are especially helpful to students in online courses. 


For more information on digital course materials, visit Affordable Content at Teaching.IU.

  • IU eTexts: The IU eTexts program offers affordable content from numerous publishers (Canvas course, page), including digital textbooks, digital courseware, open educational resources, faculty-created materials, and more. 
  • Open Educational Resources (OER): In addition to IU eTexts, there is a wide range of content available through the IU Libraries and/or no-cost Open Educational Resources (OERs). Contact the library on your campus for help in selecting library resources or OERs for use in your course. Open textbooks can also be delivered through the IU eTexts program. 

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