Step 1: Roll the dice

Type of Disruption

Disruption dice

Disruption Duration

Duration dice

What's missing?

What's missing dice

Available communication tools

Communication tool 1 dice
Communication tool 2 dice

Available Learning Tools

Learning tool 1 dice
Learning tool 2 dice

Step 2: Create a narrative from the dice

What's the nature of the disruption? How might it impact your ability to hold your classes?

Use the following prompts to create a plan regarding how to proceed.

Explore this site for tips and additional resources.

  1. What are your options and realistic goals for continuing instruction?
  2. Identify your priorities during the disruption providing lectures, structuring new opportunities for discussion or group work, collecting assignments, etc.
  3. How will you need to modify your syllabus?
  4. How will your expectations for your students change?
  5. What is your communication plan?

Step 3: Reflection

  1. What additional information would you need in the case of an actual disruption? Who can answer those questions?
  2. What have you learned? What components above could you incorporate in your course to prepare or practice in the event of a future disruption?