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How can students submit various work projects?

Work products will take many forms from individual written work to collaborative team presentations. During times of high absenteeism or campus closure, assignments that result in individual work products that can be submitted as a digital file will likely progress much as normal. Instructors may want to begin collecting assignments electronically; Oncourse, Canvas, and even email are efficient routes for collecting assignments. Essentially, individual assignments that result in a digital file, such as Word documents, PDFs, or JPEGs, can be submitted using the Oncourse Assignments tool or Oncourse Drop Box. Canvas accomplishes this through Assignments and Collaborations.

Presentations and performances, however, will require adaptation. A presentation could be prepared individually or collaboratively and can be shared as a digital file. Students could prepare presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint with added narration for each slide or using Adobe Presenter, which is another way to do a PowerPoint slideshow with voice-over. has a tutorial on Adobe Presenter. Performances could be videotaped by students, and then shared via Oncourse Wiki or Resources, or Canvas Pages or Files. Other adaptations could include conference calls with prior distribution of PowerPoint slides or other supporting documents or visual aids. Live presentations or performances may still take place using Adobe Connect for instructors who have learned the Connect environment and have prepared students to present using Connect. Watching the tutorial on Connect can help instructors determine if they want to require live presentations during campus closures.

Field experiences will probably be the most difficult type of assignment to recreate during times of high absenteeism or campus closure. A short-term solution in times of emergency may be to simulate the field experience by sharing resources such as videos or sound recordings. Student follow-up to the simulation resources can be designed to mimic as closely as possible the outcomes of the recreated field experience.

Relevant resources include:

Instructors can get help using technology in their teaching at the teaching and learning centers on each campus; see How do I contact the teaching and learning centers at each IU campus?