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How can I effectively share my lectures?

An effective lecture stimulates student thinking and a desire to discuss course content. The lecture may be supported by additional materials in order to respect diverse talents and ways of learning. Most instructors will already have a collection of lecture materials, including PowerPoint slides, handouts, pre-class readings, etc., but a recording of the actual lecture will be missing. The links on this page contain information about recording effective lectures and distributing them.

One note on recording lectures: As in the classroom, but perhaps with more urgency in an online environment, using verbal signposts and easy-to-follow chunks of information will help students engage with recorded lectures. In audio recordings of lectures that accompany PowerPoint slides or images, keep in mind that students will miss an instructor's non-verbal cues and depend more on tone of voice, rate of speaking, and use of pauses. Similarly, instructors who record lectures will miss the students' non-verbal cues that indicate attention, engagement, and understanding. Any files, or folders containing files focused on a single topic, may be placed in Oncourse or Canvas, including:

Some instructors may try holding synchronous or real-time class meetings online:

For more about distributing lectures and lecture materials, see:

For more about managing discussion and interactions between students subsequent to lectures, see:

  • Discussions: Includes information for synchronous (real-time) and asynchronous (just-in-time or self-paced) interactions that will allow instructors to encourage contact between students and instructors, develop reciprocity and cooperation among students, and encourage active learning.
  • Collaborative learning and group activities: Relates to managing student group activities online in order to develop reciprocity and cooperation among students and encourage active learning.

Instructors can get help using technology in their teaching at the teaching and learning centers on each campus; see How do I contact the teaching and learning centers at each IU campus?