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What are my options for creating demonstrations, including audio, video, and screen captures?

Demonstrations are often the most clear and engaging way to teach a concept or give feedback. Students tend to learn more when instructors present concepts in multiple ways, such as visually and aurally. Demonstrations can be distributed with lectures or other resources.

For an example of an easily produced demonstration, visit a Faculty Showcase about Rob Tolley, an anthropology professor at IU East who uses a video recording to show how to throw an ancient weapon called an atlatl. As another example, solving a math problem could be explained with a picture of the solution and an audio description, a video of the professor solving the problem, a flash animation created with a free screen-capture program such as Jing, or in a PowerPoint presentation with voice-over, which can be created in PowerPoint or Adobe Presenter (available through IUware).

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Instructors can provide video-based training on a range of technology topics by using materials, available through an agreement with Indiana University. For more, see Using at Indiana University; also, see Online Training.

For more on distributing media resources, see What are my options for distributing readings and other resource media?

Instructors can get help using technology in their teaching at the teaching and learning centers on each campus; see How do I contact the teaching and learning centers at each IU campus?